Solution Spotlight
  • Insurance

    • 10 million customers
    • 5 million transactions per year
    • $5.5 billion in premiums

    Email transactions were growing exponentially and required manual processing


    80% of incoming emails are now automatically categorized and routed to the right person

    25% of incoming emails are now resolved automatically without human intervention

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  • Healthcare Provider

    • 1.8 million customers
    • 500,000 healthcare policies
    • $2.3 billion in premiums

    The insurer's system of manually sorting and routing inquiries could not keep up with its growing customer base


    90% increase in workforce productivity

    More than 95% of incoming inquiries are now automatically routed and assigned to the correct team

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  • Commerical Bank

    • 50 Markets
    • 9,200 Branches
    • 155,000 Employees
    • 750 Call center agents

    Fluctuating email traffic caused idle agents during low volume and too few agents at peak volume


    Can now predict the resources required & match agent skills to inquires automatically

    Skill-based agents have grown by 30%

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  • Utility Provider

    • Serve 4 million households
    • 60,000 employees
    • Customer base tripled in 3 years

    With a 100% increase in incoming email each year, customer service could not keep up and provide prompt service


    80% of key information is automatically extracted with 99.9% confidence

    Many responses are handled automatically with no human intervention

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  • Global Retailer

    • Top 3 global furniture retailer
    • 130,000 employees
    • 700 million store visits per year
    • $30 billion annual revenue

    Online inquiries have grown 300% over the past 5 years 

    This increase has overwhelmed their email handling system


    300% increase in inquires handled with no additional resources

    Now have precise measurement of inquiry topics and service levels

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  • Semiconductor Company

    • Large semiconductor provider
    • Over 25,000 employees
    • 20,900 patents
    • $4.7 billion revenue

    With a huge increase in incoming email each year, the company needed to rely on technical experts to supplement customer support


    95% of inquiries resolved on first contact

    Technical experts were relieved from trivial questions

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  • Automotive Services

    • 500,000 Inquires annually
    • 850 Topic combinations
    • 100 Service members

    Only 33% of inquires can be answered by service team without escalation


    Average turnaround time has been reduced with improved service quality

    Emails are classified, prioritized, and routed to the "right person" automatically

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  • Retail Services

    • 3,500 employees worldwide
    • 90 partners in 28 countries
    • 52 agents handling 20,000 guest inquiries per year

    Customer support response time and quality was lagging due to increased inquiries


    85% improvement in response times

    65% of email handled the same day

    Increased customer satisfaction and agent productivity

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Latest News

November 10, 2015
Kodak Alaris introduces AI Foundry for organizing digital communications with AI-based tech

Seeking to take on the chaos of enterprise digital communications, Kodak Alaris announced the formation of AI Foundry. The new company will offer artificial intelligence technology that gathers and organizes the many disparate kinds of content an enterprise deals with to allow more impactful responses from the right person, according to its press release.

November 9, 2015
Next Up in Artificial Intelligence: Kodak Alaris

www.cmswire.comInformation management provider Kodak Alaris has created an extension of its business that promises to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to better communicate with customers.

Upcoming Events

November 2, 2016
Data and Analytics Officer Exchange

AI Foundry to join Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange November 2-4, 2016 in Miami Florida. 


The Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange for Financial Services will focus on the current very demanding push and pulls for data and analytics in financial services firms including compliance, the view of the enterprise customer, product portfolios, risk data, reporting and analytics across applications, systems, processes and business rules. 

Featured Blog Posts

April 18, 2016
Text Analytics Gaining Traction

The goal of many businesses for the past three decades has been to go paperless.  While this is a worthy and environmentally-sound objective, it is not one that has been successfully met  by most businesses.  In fact, according to Coopers and Lybrand there are over four trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone and that number is growing at a rate of 22 percent, or about 880 billion paper documents a year. ...