Will Banking Survive the Digital Disruption?

Transform the way mortgage lenders, investors and servicers do business.


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Are You Future-Ready? 

Changing customer expectations, regulatory mandates, and technology disruptions are driving digital transformation. 


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Transform or be Transformed

Turn your data into actionable insights and deliver operational efficiencies and ROI.


  • CIOReview Magazine: Actionable Intelligence Empowering Future-Ready Mortgages

    Empowering Future-Ready Mortgages

    AI Foundry is the disruptive force behind future-ready mortgages bringing an end-to-end, automated approach to loan management while efficiently connecting the front and back office operations for a superior customer experience. 

    Steve Butler, AI Foundry’s G.M., talks about how our Actionable Intelligence Management (AIM) technology empowers organizations to add intelligent data, automate intensive tasks, and effectively streamline workflows.
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  • eBook - The Mortgage Lending Process of the Future

    The mortgage lending process is notorious for its complexity but changes are coming and technology like artificial intelligence, machine-learning are providing answers to lenders. Our new ebook explores trends in the market today and looks to forecast the future.

    Download the ebook to see how Agile Mortgages can provide a real solution for digital lending. 

    Download ebook


  • CIOReview Magazine Interview with Marc Jourlait

    The Value of True Digital Transformation

    While on the digitization trajectory, organizations have still not journeyed to the full depths of true digital transformation and what it means to manage the information in an enterprise. 

    “They digitize, but they are not fully digital,” posits Marc Jourlait, CEO, Kodak Alaris. “To do so, they must understand what they can do with the data and turn it into information that they can act upon.”
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  • Video - AI Foundry's Growth Strategy

    Stephen Butler, General Manager of AI Foundry, discusses AI Foundry’s mission and vision to take technology and turn it into disruptive solutions that benefit our customers dramatically in terms of their costs, customer experience and time efficiency.

    Discussing the growth strategy for AI Foundry, Steve shares how we are designed to be nimble, prepared to scale and layered with a team of experts to facilitate this.

    Watch now!

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"By the end of 2017, 67% of global 2000 CEO's will have

Digital Transformation at the center of their corporate strategy."

Frank Gens, Senior Vice President & Chief Analyst, IDC February 2016