"39% of respondents consider process management and workflow critical applications for their businesses."

AIIM Industry Watch, ECM Decisions - Strategic Options for Managing, Accessing and Preserving Content, 2015

Integrated Business Process Management

Automating Workflow and Business Processes within the Enterprise 

Every business aims to automate certain repetitive processes to the greatest degree possible. Certain workflows, like reviewing and paying invoices, are generally understood and easy to implement.

Other workflows are much more complex, involving multiple document sources, decision paths, approvals and other controls. Regulated industries, in particular, face significant challenges in designing workflows that meet strict compliance requirements. Moreover, enterprise workflows are rarely static making it more complicated to modify on an as-needed basis.

Because of the need for agility, businesses need to be able to do a myriad of tasks such as create new workflows or augment existing processes, insert additional procedural checks, execute new approval hierarchies or integrate new databases. Our full featured Business Process Management (BPM) solution has a graphical workflow designer to help you keep up and ensure the most robust process development. And it's fully integrated with our end-to-end solution from Capture through ECM and Enterprise Search.

AIM Lifecycle: BPM Drives The Process

    By definition, BPM is about managing a process. The AIM Lifecycle supports a variety of processes for documents across all data stores. Whether processing invoices or analyzing dark data, organizations need a solid BPM capability. AI Foundry's robust BPM solution will allow you to access and control your documents through all phases of the AIM lifecycle.

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    In order to have true actionable intelligence, organizations need to have an ECM that is tightly integrated with a BPM solution. An enterprise gains tremendous benefits of automating common workflows when an ECM system can instantly locate and present crucial documents to the workflow approvers. AI Foundry's BPM solution leverages the underlying ECM platform as well as classification and metadata creation capabilities. Data that is extracted from a document may be used to populate certain fields required by a workflow. Key features of AI Foundry's BPM capabilities include: 

      • A digital representation of the entire business process is always displayed, or one click away; 
      • Robust support of organizational controls and notifications to assure policy compliance (key individuals are informed of pending actions, approval requests, completed cases, etc.)
      • Remote integration: workflow actions may be performed remotely using the BPM web portal.