"22.7% of respondents said that one of their top three use cases for Big Data is the capture and analysis of unstructured data."

Big Data and Advance Analytics Survey 2015, volume 1 by Evans Data Corporation


Start Turning Documents into Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence Management
Organizations have a tremendous amount of data coming in every minute of every day—emails, web forms, documents, images, PDFs, and scans that need to be handled immediately. Everything from invoices, forms, contracts, bills, orders, requests, complaints and more that need to be processed. We have a number of capture software options for enterprises to deploy, depending on the specific needs of the organization. Our Capture Pro software provides a solution perfect for OCR, ensuring quality control, and indexing multiple batches. It supports Kodak Scanners and other scanners as well. And for distributed web-based and mobile capture, check out our Info Input Solution.

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AIM Lifecycle: Document Capture & Analyze

    The types of documents organizations want to collect and analyze is changing drastically. It used to be just paper documents that we scanned, but email, images, audio files, social media communications including LinkedIn posts, Tweets, Instagram, Facebook posts and faxes are equally important. And each of these need to be understood so it is clear what to do with them. Intelligent analysis is required to make sure each is properly identified, handled, routed and stored.

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    In our Actionable Intelligence Management solution, the capture component is at the beginning of the process to handle all the in-flight data and hand it off to the next step in its journey. Paper documents are scanned and OCR’d, while electronic documents are tagged and stored in the appropriate location based on classification or file type. Meaningful content is extracted and put into a workflow, as well as, populating searchable metadata. Our integrated workflow manages the document through its whole lifecycle, including filing and archiving to your ECM system. 


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