"By combining content and processes in new and unexpected ways, organizations can dramatically mitigate risk, reduce costs and transform information into insight."

Information Chaos vs. Information Opportunity, AIIM, 2014

Integrated Enterprise Content Management

Not Your Father's ECM Solution

Actionable Intelligence Management Many organizations have invested considerable resources in ECM technologies that organize and manage all types of documents. The promise was that a well-designed, intuitive ECM environment would be a catalyst for enterprise productivity, while reducing risk and compliance issues by keeping sensitive data secure. In theory, these systems were deployed to consolidate documents, encourage collaboration and increase productivity. 

In practice, user adoption has been low with marginal productivity gains, mainly because of the cumbersome environments and processes associated with ECM systems. 

There has to be a better way. Our ECM application is intuitive and makes managing documents transparent to the user by enabling users to work in a familiar Windows environment.


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Actionable Intelligence Lifecycle: ECM 

    AI Foundry's Actionable Intelligence Lifecycle is a process that scales beyond a single document or ECM system, to an enterprise-wide way to deal with a large variety of different repositories and systems that manage individual documents.

    Applying the lifecycle to these caches of data, the enterprise has a common methodology to deal with their documents. The AIM Lifecycle is ECM-centric, improving process management, increasing workflow efficiency and accelerating the storage and retrieval of information.  

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    Integration with Microsoft Outlook  
    One of the biggest challenges with many ECM systems is that they are hard to use and out of sync with employee's jobs. We've taken a different approach based on the idea that work can get done much easier and faster if the ECM solution is part of an enterprise environment and tied to the applications virtually everyone uses.


    Without ever leaving a Microsoft Outlook window, users may:

    • Easily edit and archive emails and attachments. On the client side, emails can be simply moved from the organization’s Exchange Server to the ECM platform.  
    • Search the entire repository including the Outlook application with user-defined search parameters.
    • More efficiently manage emails there by reducing the overall workload on their mail server.

    Our ECM Application Enables Faster Time to Value 

    • Improving Productivity—ensuring the right information is made available at the right time to users across the enterprise 
    • Providing intelligence, structure and process to information so decisions can be made on the basis of relevancy, timeliness and actionable intelligence 
    • Reducing manual processes and intervention
    • Reducing IT operating costs associated with archiving content
    • Leveraging existing rich data that resides in back-end systems for enriched workflows
    • Reducing risks and enforcing corporate compliance initiatives

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