"On average, knowledge workers spend 26% of their time searching, consolidating and analyzing information."

IDC, The Knowledge Quotient: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Information Using Search and Content Analytics, 2014

Intelligent Search

Saving Time with Relevant, Fast Searching

Actionable Intelligence Management (AIM) & Intelligent SearchFinding exactly what you are looking for has always been a chore. While Google may have become ubiquitous for finding web content, doing the same in a corporate environment is typically far more complex. That’s because a corporation’s data is scattered across a complex intranet including servers, repositories, and employee’s laptops. It’s estimated that as much as 80% of a companies’ data is “dark”, meaning that they don’t know what it is, where it is, our how much is really trivial. 

AI Foundry can help. Our innovative Actionable Intelligence Management system, not only helps improve the quality of the data that is stored, it makes finding it later much easier. As documents flow into organizations, our software can facilitate capture at the point of entry, providing document classification, extracting key information, generating document metadata, feeding a workflow if needed, and then posting documents into our content management system.

By indexing both a documents words and its metadata (e.g. date and time acquired, access rights, document type), the document you need can be identified quickly. Our Search Navigator has access to all the indexed data, including documents that been archived. An integrated document previewer allows quick review of documents returned for a particular search, so that you can spend your time using the information, rather than looking for it.

AIM Lifecycle: Manage, Organize and Search

    The variety of data sources enterprises have to manage today has evolved beyond the traditional mix. Enterprise workers need access to data stored in the cloud, behind SaaS services, and other silos. 

    In addition, employees need access to this data wherever it is stored be it in the Cloud or on-premises. Being able to connect to all the data regardless of where it lives is just table stakes in today's IT environment. Intelligent Search provides an easy and intuitive way to find the information needed enabling employees to be more productive.

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    Wondering how your company can also benefit from this? Let’s Talk! We are more than happy to spend some time going over your specific situation, as well as how to create actionable insight from your data by introducing AI Foundry’s Actionable Intelligent Management (AIM) solutions to your working environment.  


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