"Data is inherently dumb. It doesn’t actually do anything unless you know how to use it; how to act with it."

Gartner Says It's Not Just About Big Data; It's What You Do With It: Welcome to the Algorithmic Economy October 5, 2015

Actionable Intelligence Overview

Extract Insight and Value from Documents 

Actionable Intelligence Management (AIM)

Harness the Power of Data

Organizations are hyper-focused on digitally transforming their organizations to compete in today’s "always-connected" economy. Having an information management strategy is critical and sets the foundation for an enterprise to improve transparency, processing, response time, and ensures that all important data is easily accessible and searchable. We call this “Actionable Intelligence.” By combining the right technology with the right analytics and expertise, businesses can use both structured (databases) and unstructured data (email, business documents, images, video, etc.) to better identify patterns, derive insights, facilitate decisions, and define actions that deliver a critical competitive advantage. 

What do we mean by Actionable Intelligence Management? Since cumbersome manual processes and disconnected information silos are the biggest impediments plaguing lending institutions of all sizes, AI Foundry’s state-of-the-art Actionable Intelligence Management (AIM) technology empowers organizations to add actionable intelligence to data, automate intensive tasks, and effectively streamline workflows.

Actionable Intelligence empowers organizations to easily discover, analyze and manage all of these types of data in both on-premises and cloud-based locations. Organizations then can act upon it to achieve a multitude of benefits including: reduction of risk associated with personal or confidential information, streamlined processes and significant cost savings. AI Foundry’s end-to-end approach to data modernizes the way enterprises identify, understand, manage and govern their data like never before.


Let's take a look at the traditional point products that organizations have deployed in an effort to automate and streamline their business processes and access to data. At the front end of the process are capture solutions that enable quick ingest of information from many different channels, including the internet, scanners, fax machines and email to name a few. Then BPM products create effective workflows for an organization but can be cumbersome to modify once in place. ECM systems are adequate at organizing and storing documents, applying retention schedules, restricting access, and providing a fundamental level of search but for a variety of reasons fall short on many fronts. Enterprise Search makes searching for content efficient across an enterprise. Our AIM solution combines all of these point products Capture, BPMECM, and Enterprise Search together to provide an end-to-end environment for your information management requirements.

Our mission is to put your data to work, so that you can extract the most value from it every day.


56% of respondents around the world said they changed their business strategy to meet the challenges of data and analytics, most often to increase their capacity to analyze big data.


 96% of respondents admitted that untapped benefits remain on the table and 56% of those respondents told us that those benefits could be significant.

Source: KPMG, Data and Analytics: A New Driver of Performance and Valuation, October 2015.


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Actionable Intelligence Lifecycle 

AI Foundry's Actionable Intelligence Lifecycle is a process that scales beyond a single document or ECM system, to an enterprise-wide view of a large variety of different repositories and systems that manage individual documents.

By applying the lifecycle to these varying systems, the enterprise will have a common methodology to process and use their documents.

Throughout the site notice the lifecycle icon and where each of our Smart Solutions contribute to the Actionable Intelligence Lifecycle. 






AI Foundry’s solution is a major step forward in the ECM industry. It outperforms legacy ECM platforms offering enterprises in three major areas: i) Unparalleled simplicity; its “near-invisible” operation in the background assures enterprise-wide usage--an antidote to “user rebellion” with traditional ECM platforms ii) Advanced document classification using state-of-the art technology including dynamic metadata creation iii) Full integration with Microsoft Outlook, further driving user adoption  


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