"The major winner in the end is going to be the end customer, whether it be a small business or consumer. Having the capability to access more granular information will allow for more options to accurately evaluate credit risk."

How data automation is driving lucrative partnerships with traditional financial institutions, Venture Beat, September 2016

Agile Banking

Create a Digital Experience for You and Your Customers 

Automate back office processing of documents and improve the client loan experience. 

Drowning in documents? With the complexity of SBA lending, the document challenge for both customers and loan officers is real. Timing is critical but manual processes impact both the length of the application process and data accuracy.

Uploading files or taking photos of documents and submitting them online is not streamlining and automating the process. Information still needs to be pulled out of the electronic documents for an application. 

Digitally transforming your business will fundamentally change how you do business.

AI Foundry helps with both sides of the lending equation—making it easier for customers while automating the lender’s back office.

By providing a digital front-end to the application process, customers can use their device of choice to start the process, get alerts on their progress and know what documents are outstanding. For lenders, the inbound documents are classified and key data extracted and saved. Analytics tell the loan officer that status of the loan, what documents or signatures are missing and at what point the loan package can be submitted to the LOS. Both the customer and loan officer have visibility into the status of the application.

The Future of Lending is Now

We believe that digital transformation is no longer a watchword for lenders, but is an imperative for their businesses to scale and be competitive. Our holistic approach starts with optimizing the customer experience and incorporates state-of-the art user guided machine learning to automate the lending process.

AI Foundry’s Agile SBA solution can transform your business into a model that is appreciated by your customers, revered by your competitors, and creates the highest return per loan.  

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