"Despite being widely publicised, only 47% of UK businesses are fully aware of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)."

The Cyber Security Source, Danielle Correa, January 2017

Agile Compliance

Helping Companies On The Road to GDPR Compliance  

    Responsibility and Accountability in the Digital Economy

    GPDR will impact companies that have personal data pertaining to European customers, regardless of whether they have a physical presence in the EU. With less than one year to implement a GDPR strategy, doing nothing is not an option. The cost of any infraction can result in fines of up to €20 million or 4% of an organization’s worldwide turnover. 

      Don't let GDPR Infractions cost you!



      Compliance Can Be Challenging


      • Organisations must know where their data is, know what that data is, and secure that data at a level that is most likely beyond the current level of data protection.


        • The data which is required to be reported has expanded from the previous Data Protection Directive. Two new categories of data – genetic and biometric – are included on a list of "sensitive data," which also includes racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership and data concerning health or sexual orientation.

        We Can Help

        AI Foundry delivers solutions to help mitigate compliance risks and accelerate your readiness. Our Agile Compliance solution leverages AI and user-guided machine learning model to locate, identify and capture/alert on personally identifiable information to enable remediation and help achieve GDPR compliance.  

        Our Solution:

        • Crawls data sources for target documents at risk for personal data leaks;
        • Classifies documents into predefined categories;
        • Identifies and catalogues instances of personal data;
        • Extracts personal data, feeds a workflow or alerts to its presence; and
        • Sets the disposition of a document containing personal data

        Actionable Intelligence can help you in your GDPR compliance initiatives. 

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