"Banks need to accelerate investments in digital lending if they are to avoid a material decline in profits and loss in market share."

Retail Banks Wake Up to Digital Lending, R. Fleming & J. Fielding, Bain & Company. Dec. 2015.


A Sea Change in Customer Experience

    Tech-savvy customers expect financial organizations to provide fast, streamlined, and interactive loan processing services. Banks and lending institutions must digitally transform their businesses to stay competitive. Customer experience must be top-of-mind in this transformation, as well as, improving the speed and convenience in delivery models and service offerings. AI Foundry helps lenders transform to an automated machine to drive throughput and customer satisfaction. 

    Operate and Perform Like Never Before

      Automation helps increase per loan revenue. 

    Agile Lending Process



    Agile Lending Process Maximize utilization, improve margins.

    reduce use of off-shore service organizations



    Agile Lending ProcessImplement a solution that helps organizations scale.



    Agile Lending Process Higher loan volumes, happier clients and happier employees.

    processing more loans


    Automate Lending Processes and Turn Applications into Profits 

    Built on user-guided machine learning which enables documents to be classified into groups and actionable data to be extracted, our Agile Lending Solution eliminates the rekeying of information and the “stare and compare” syndrome. Our solution keeps the loan applicant informed throughout the process and lets them know if any documents or signatures are missing.  


    Additional Solutions to Empower the Lending Industry

    Agile Mortgages Solution

    What if you could increase the volume of mortgage applications you’re processing while simplifying manual processes and extracting the data you need—all while ensuring data accuracy?

    Learn how AI Foundry can help.  

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    Agile SBA Solution

    Reducing operational costs and improving efficiencies are top of mind for lenders but ultimately it is your ability to process more loans will improve the bottom-line for SBA lenders.

    Find out how AI Foundry's SBA Solution can optimize the SBA Loan process.

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    The Future of Lending is Now

    AI Foundry’s Agile Lending solution can transform your business into a model that is appreciated by your customers, revered by your competitors, and creates the highest return per loan.  

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