"A major shift is occurring toward a fully digital mortgage process, which necessitates state-of-the-art systems and platform upgrades to handle electronic documents."

The robotics age has come to the mortgage industry, Jacob Passy, April 2017

Agile Mortgages

Don't Let Data Hold you Back  

    Taking origination to the next level with aWatch Demo!  solution that streamlines, simplifies and improves data accuracy. 

    • Automatically classify and extract loan data accurately and easily.  
    • Streamline back office information processing, while integrating customers into the process
    • Significantly reduce manual data validation—no more “stare and compare"


      Improve Time-to-Funded Mortgages

      Increase productivity and meet KPIs/SLAs with reduced manual processes and improved accuracy.

      Strengthen Customer Loyalty and Retention

      Receive and provide feedback throughout the entire application process.

      Increase Enterprise Profitability

      Streamline and automate processes so that mortgages can be processed faster.

      Reduce Loan Origination Costs


      According to the Mortgage Banker's Association, the need for increased — and improved — automation has never been greater, as the cost to originate a loan has remained stubbornly high.  

      Our Agile Mortgages Solution is built on user-guided machine learning. This flexible platform helps with all phases of the mortgage process:

      Loan Origination

      Automate internal processes to increase throughput, make your customer part of the process and provide a fantastic CX.


      Manage post-close QC process -- audits, trailing document identification and document completeness. Streamline onboarding by extracting data to feed the servicing platform.

      Secondary Markets

      Get additional data from loan documents to fully assess loan positions and bundles for sale into the secondary market.



      Actionable Intelligence.
      Transform your business into
      a highly automated,
      competitive player.



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