"By the end of 2017, 25% of workers will engage with search technology in business applications via natural expression at least five times a day."

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search, August 19, 2015

Searchable Knowledge

Speed, Relevancy, Federated Search

Just being able to search a corporate data store is not enough to really provide Actionable Intelligence Lifecycleknowledge to your employees, partners and customers. What’s really needed is the ability to search all data stores (ECM, file shares, Cloud drives), allow full text and faceted search and return accurate results with relevancy and ranking. 

The uses of this type of search are many:

  • Employees trying to find business documents;
  • Partners trying to find product documentation;
  • Customers using a self-service application to answer their own questions.

In each of these cases you want accurate results returned quickly.


The heart of AI Foundry's Agile Searchable Knowledge Solution is a text-based indexing engine. You point the tool to the data repositories that you want to index, and they are crawled automatically. Text-based files are read directly, while images can be sent to an OCR engine for text extraction. Additionally, with our unique Visual Classification engine, we can recognize documents by visual clues, which can be much more accurate for images with low resolution or small print. As documents are ingested, a variety of metadata is created. Of course the date created, date last modified, file type and similar types of data are indexed. But also created is other valuable information contained inside the file: the full text, key phrases, PII are all extracted and indexed.


This plethora of information is what sets AI Foundry’s solution beyond all others. But having a wide variety of data is not enough. Unless the search engine can make it simple to find things, having a large data index is nearly worthless. Our solution returns results based on ranking and relevancy, so you know that the best results are first. This speeds your ability to find what you need quickly, while ignoring what you don’t want.

Searchable Knowledge


Benefits of Searchable Knowledge

  • Find more relevant documents more quickly with an enriched view into the precise information employees need to make decisions, take action and drive results.
  • Delight employees by delivering a highly relevant experience with just the information they need, and unifying multiple, disjointed points of engagement.
  • Create an agile workforce that is able to take full advantage of finding the information they require for their role.
  • Accurately categorize any new documents quickly and easily ensuring each has the appropriate metadata and indexing characteristics.