"Financial institutions that get onboarding right can improve customer satisfaction, lower churn, and gain better insights, all while reducing costs and enhancing regulatory compliance."

PwC, All Aboard: Delivering the Onboarding Experience Customers Demand, August, 2015

Agile Onboarding

New Account & Employee Onboarding Made EasyActionable Intelligence Lifecycle

Whether onboarding new customers or employees, first impressions are important. Our Agile Onboarding Solution enable both organizations and individuals to have a positive and streamlined experience. With document capture and workflow best practice capabilities, companies can quickly and easily onboard new customers or employees and complete the onboarding process with an integrated set of tools. On occasion, the onboarding process can be overwhelming or difficult but by having the process completed electronically, new customers or employees can complete the necessary paperwork and steps on their own computer in their own timeframe. The end result is a quicker onboarding process, more accurate information and reduction of costs.

Automation with Benefits

By automating this paper intensive process, organizations can achieve the following benefits:

  • Increase organizational efficiency and reduce costs 
  • Boost new customer engagement and loyalty
  • Ensure compliance and proper documentation