"The ability to take insights, put them into action and then use them to automate tasks and responses represents the beginning of a new cognitive era."

Tech Trends 2017, Machine Intelligence, Deloitte University Press

Agile Solutions Overview

A Smarter Way to Work

Streamline processes and increase customer responsiveness. 

Our Actionable Intelligence solutions transform banking & lending operations by streamlining & automating manual mortgage processes. AI Foundry enables organizations to improve time to funded loans, strengthen customer loyalty & maintain compliance.


Do you want to process 30% more loans per month with higher accuracy and less trailing documents?
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Did you know that machine-learning can automate doc classification, data extraction and validation?
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Drowning in documents? With the complexity of Banking and SBA lending, the document challenge is real.
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Machine learning and AI are creating a revolution in how documents are turned into data and data into actionable intelligence. Learn more today with a brief exploratory call to see how we can fast-track your business.

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Revolutionize the customer experience—

increase satisfaction, loyalty, and move your business forward.

Natural Interaction. Enable customers to interact with your business naturally, sending paper, images, or web/mobile forms to be processed. 

Improved Efficiency. Our Solutions classify millions of documents and extract key data necessary to complete business processes.

Provide Feedback. Agile Solutions identify and communicate missing information to you and your clients; ensuring processes are completed more efficiently and Service Level Agreements are always met.