Capture Pro Software

Simplify Scanning. Automate Indexing. Maximize Connectivity. 

Automate your paper intensive business applications by transforming paper documents into critical business data. Quickly and easily convert batches of paper into high-quality images.

Kodak Capture Pro Software meets all your batch capture needs with a complete high-to-low volume batch capture software application offering robust data extraction and delivery to repository and business applications.

Capture Pro Software is a versatile scanning application that meets your centralized or distributed scanning needs whether you're in service bureaus, insurance, finance, manufacturing, government, or legal. Engineered to work seamlessly with any Kodak scanner and most third-party scanner models, Kodak Capture Software has proven success with tens of thousands of customers.

With Capture Pro Software you can:

  • Run complex jobs with push-button ease
  • Capture, QC and index multiple batches
  • Enhance your productivity with advanced indexing capabilities and dual stream scanning
  • Cut costs for manual data entry/indexing by using database lookup to validate or populate fields
  • Use mark detection to process simple surveys and other checkbox forms
  • Enhance data integrity with double data entry indexing
  • Reduce time and cost for image review and correction via intelligent quality control
  • Output to dozens of other systems
  • Be up and running right away with included start-up assistance and software assurance
  • Improve your data capture with a capture solution ideal for mission- and time-critical processes.

Make Your Paper Powerful!

Paper. It's not going away. You have forms, documents, records and much more. Simply put, Kodak Capture Pro Software makes your paper productive by streamlining the process of transforming paper into information.

Quickly convert batches of paper into high-quality images. Capture and index critical data and deliver it to databases, applications and people automatically. Send smarter information to ECM systems and Microsoft SharePoint with extensive integration to streamline workflow and processes. From desktop to high-volume operations, Capture Pro Software scales beautifully according to your needs.

Capture Pro Features: 

  • Protect your data integrity with double data entry indexing and guard against entry errors.

  •  Index faster with drag-and-drop OCR
    And speed operations with zonal OCR/MICR, 1D and 2D barcodes, and indexing for up to 999 fields.

  • Process surveys and other checkmark formsProcess Check Marks
    Flexible mark detection accurately detects marks in specified zones and populates corresponding index fields with results.


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Automate Indexing and Maximize connectivity! 
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