Info Input Solution

Kodak Info Input Solution Enables Faster Capture and Access to Information—Anywhere.

Enterprises need to operate more efficiently, reduce operating expenses, make information available faster and more intelligently, allow employees to focus more on customers to improve satisfaction…Info Input Solution makes it possible.

Info Input Solution is a browser-based and mobile capture application that is easy for workers across departments and complete enterprises to implement and use.

  • Info Input offers high-speed scanning with real-time image display, indexing and bar code detection. 
  • The customizable user interface keeps things simple, focused and extremely easy for knowledge workers to learn.
  • Documents are automatically routed to the right place to reduce mistakes. 
  • When Info Input is embedded into a business application, users can capture from within the applications they already know and use. 
  • Mobile capture with smartphones and tablets enables field workers to simply capture via the app, automatically deskew and send into the business workflow. 

Improve data capture with a capture solution ideal for mission- and time-critical processes.

Info Input Benefits:

  • One-button-easy scanning and indexing from within business applications
  • Fast availability and accessibility of paper-based sources
  • Quick roll out and ability to scale fast
  • Easy upgrades and driver deployments, reducing costs and needed IT support
  • No need for physical installations: everything is deployed centrally via the web browser
  • Automatic configurations and updates via a browser


Info Input Features:

  • The transaction mode enables for easy embedding of Info Input within applications to finish business transactions faster
  • Users can scan, index and send data to existing workflows within the content of the application they are working with
  • In batch mode capture via a browser-based application for distributed and centralized scanning
  • Read barcodes, split/merge documents, index, annotate and benefit from point-and-click OCR
  • Support of a growing list of languages


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A game changer for business.
Faster, smarter, more productive, more secure web-based capture with Kodak Info Input Solution. 

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