"A major shift is occuring toward a fully digital mortgage process, which necessitates state-of-the-art systems and platform upgrades to handle electronic documents. At the same time, programs like Fannie Mae's Day 1 Certainty are rewarding companies that embrace data-driven processes." 

National Mortgage News, April 2017

Financial Services

The Race to Use Technology for a Competitive Advantage

Digital Transformation is changing everything and driving higher expectations that consumers have with organizations. Financial service organizations are battling it out for customers and this presents both a challenge and an opportunity to achieve major business improvements through the use of business process automation and digital technology, such as:

  • Streamlining processes and operations
  • Enriching the customer experience
  • Creating entirely new business models

Many of the organizations processes are rooted in "paperwork"applications, investment documentation, etc., that need to be acted upon in some manner. Whether it's happening today or two years ago, this data exists electronically. Being able to capture, classify and extract data from both unstructured and structured documents to interact with a customer is important as well as being able to go into historical databases and reclassify documents based upon the content of the document. The latter is quite the challenge in the fact that this "dark data" is unknown not generally searchable or usable because of the volume of data most organizations have today.


Workflow Automation


AI Foundry solutions can help eliminate manual processing for many customer interactions including inquiries, trust and wealth management, credit card applications, mortgages, loan processing, and account openings or closings. With AI Foundry solutions, the ability to automate and streamline cumbersome manual processes while adding actionable intelligence to data sitting in existing repositories is a game changer in today's hyper competitive financial services and banking arena. 

Creating Tomorrow's Financial Institution Today

Manual processes must be part of your digital transformation strategy because they are:

  • Error-prone and inconsistent
  • Costly
  • Cannot scale or adapt
  • Cannot be optimized in real or near real time

Financial organizations need to deploy new technologies to be able to adapt quickly, reduce silos & inflexibility, and simplify their existing back end processes. This is the basis of any digital transformation strategy that will mean moving away from disconnected information silos, manual processes and expensive legacy systems. 

The use of business process automation and cloud-based technology solutions enable organizations to adopt new intelligent information management tools to unify communication sources into one view of customer while reducing employee resources and improving satisfaction.

Streamlined workflows and efficient, data-driven processes ensure that process-related bottlenecks are reduced. The benefits of an improved business process include:

  • Consistent response to questions or issues
  • Improvement in speed
  • Reduction of errors and the need for rework
  • Increased accuracy
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance


The Time is Now to Drive Efficiency — Financial services organizations are well aware of the increased regulatory and compliance requirements and the impact on the existing business process and applications. The Patriot Act, AML, KYC Basel II all require increased documentation and processes to minimize risk and to meet the new compliance regulations.

Our AIM for ECM and BPM solutions will provide that level of automated workflows and processes as well as a way to easily store, search and access the right information at the right time.


Traditionally, organizations look to reduce costs in the existing financial back-office processes that support business decisions. Instead, forward-thinking companies are looking at ways of increasing the value of the business through digital transformation and harnessing the ever-increasing volumes of data with the use of leading-edge technology.

The ability to centralize, digitize and route all documentation, forms, applications and material and establish automated routing and process controls is the new norm and utilizing business process automation solutions from AI Foundry will help boost compliance and overall corporate objectives. With such a solution in place, the ability to better align the lines of business with IT to reduce manual steps and processes by automating the data capture and usage will reduce costs and errors while providing an opportunity for innovation and transformation. Having a set of processes and standards that can connect workflows, information input, information silos and process will not only guide the organization but help minimize the risks is a “must have” in today’s financial arena. 

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20% of bank executives feel
when it comes to
making significant innovation and transformation
in the next 10 years.

Source: Information Age, Reimagining the bank: why financial services need digital transformation, June 2015



Integrating and streamlining your processes and reporting across business units can be a time-consuming struggle that impact success. Actionable Intelligence Management solutions from AI Foundry can help empower your organization, streamline processes and inform business tasks. Some examples of where Actionable Intelligence Management (AIM) Solutions can help:

 • Retail & Commercial Banking  • Lending Compliance  • Account Management  • Loan Origination  
• Customer Onboarding  • Dispute Resolution