"In a 2015 survey, 58% of global organizations see data as a game-changing asset, or at least, an important decision-making tool."

Economist: Big Data Evolution: Forging New Corporate Capabilities for the Long Term, August 2015

High Tech Manufacturing

The Importance of Innovation​

As in all industries, the digital transformation revolution is advancing rapidly requiring high tech to rethink and redesign all of their processes from design, to manufacturing, to the supply chain to technical support and service. Use of advance technologies including rules-based machine learning that drives document classification and data extraction are prevalent in leading high tech organizations. 

The Actionable Intelligence platform has the ability to:

  • Classify documents and extract key data for seamless claims handling and enrich data through integration with existing core systems
  • Create and populate business workflows that are integrated with content management and archive
  • Reduce manual activities such as re-keying of information
  • Streamline and automate critical processes, such as, claims submissions
  • Increase overall employee productivity


Improved Search Can Be a Competitive Game Changer – Consider this leading global high tech organization and its need to provide the plethora of technical documentation to a wide variety of individuals – implementation technicians, technical support field engineers, IT personnel at the customer site and others. The organization produces hundreds of products that get enhanced or upgraded according to their product roadmap. Each time this happens, there is a paper trail of new and updated product documentation, release notes, knowledge base documents, technical drawings and images which need to be accessed during either installation and/or troubleshooting the necessary repairs. The issue is that each of these documents could potentially reside is a separate database making search nearly impossible.

Being able to add “intelligence” to the search functionality would enable individuals to find the information they were looking for quickly and easily. With an internet browser, technicians are able to search the trouble ticketing system, search by product or part number, or other various criteria to drill into all the various databases for the correct documentation. This is especially important if the individual is in the field and attempting to resolve an issue or properly install the product at the customer site. This creates a solution that reduces time to resolution, improves customer service and reduces calls to the technical support center.  


Integrating and streamlining your processes and reporting across business units can be a time-consuming struggle that impact success. Actionable Intelligence Management solutions from AI Foundry can help empower your organization, streamline processes and inform business tasks. Some examples of where Actionable Intelligence Management (AIM) Solutions can help:

 • Technical Support Knowledgebase and Resolution • Warranty Claims Management  •  Defect Resolution