"With an exploding amount of internal data, law firms and corporate legal departments are instituting information governance systems to collect, organize, maintain and secure their digital records."

Defining a Framework for Legal Information Governance, Practice Innovations, October 2014


Cracking the Digital Transformation Code for Law Firms & Corporate Legal Departments

It’s no secret that digital transformation is here to stay. Law firms and corporate legal departments are utilizing technology in new ways to both streamline and automate their organizations. Moving from paper to digital is the first step but being able to enhance the digital documents with metadata and workflows will help the organization not only better manage the information but also increase the day-to-day operations, enable more efficient communications; and real-time visibility into bottlenecks and time-consuming processes that may impact client service across your firm.  


Laser-Focused on Actionable Intelligence – Being able to capture, extract and classify unstructured data from legal documents is a game changer. Most law firms and corporate legal departments have an existing ECM in place to help store existing documents. The key is to be able to not only electronically capture, but extract and classify data that are in those documents for future use in eDiscovery, litigation and case management.  The ability to do this will enable law firms to further extract value out of their existing systems.

The Role of Unstructured Data

It’s critical to fully understand what data law firms and corporate law departments have in existing repositories. Many organizations have no ideas of what and how much unstructured data is lurking in systems be it in emails, texts or images. Left unchecked, this can balloon out of control. Uncovering, analyzing and reclassifying this unstructured data and enhancing it with metadata enables organizations to put it into use or at a minimum properly archive it for future use. 

Scanning documents that have unstructured data and then applying classification and extraction technologies to parse out valuable words, phrases or information so that it can be clustered with like documents. 


Integrating and streamlining your processes and reporting across business units can be a time-consuming struggle that impact success. Actionable Intelligence Management solutions from AI Foundry can help empower your organization, streamline processes and inform business tasks. Some examples of where Actionable Intelligence Management (AIM) Solutions can help:

 • Case Management  • eDiscovery  • Litigation  Management