Helping Organizations on Their Digital Transformation Journey 

AI Foundry, a Kodak Alaris business unit, transforms enterprise operations by integrating information, people and processes to enable increased insight and improved decision-making. Our Actionable Intelligence Management solutions help organizations streamline and automate manual processes, seize new business opportunities and manage compliance, all while driving bottom-line performance.

Changing the Way Organizations Think About Data  

There’s no stopping the digital transformation revolution with the frenetic pace of innovation and change in technology. According to IDC’s 2015 Digital Transformation Spending Guide,” $1.3T will be spent on technology for digital transformation initiatives in 2015.” Leading organizations are transforming how they use and consume information, provide goods and services, and revamping their entire customer experience model to gain a competitive advantage in today’s hyper-connected world.

We're On A Mission

We are inspired by the belief that people and departments can find better ways to work with data and make their data “actionable”. This results in organizations being better positioned to compete in our new-age digital economy. Our Actionable Intelligence Management solutions enhance data and documents organizations receive day in and day out, while extracting business value from historical documents, which contain dark data. We help transform this unknown information into actionable intelligence to fuel digital transformation, which enables organizations to align business processes with measurable outcomes. We want to work with you to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Working Smarter, Not Harder 

At AI Foundry, we truly believe that both people and organizations need to take full advantage of the information and content at their fingertips. The information that’s stored within existing SharePoint sites, Google Drives, ERP installations, and deep in the historical archives is essential to an organization—but getting to it is another story entirely. It’s about making data actionable and enabling people/departments work smarter with both new and existing information. We want to change the way we all think about data and work smarter, not harder.   

Our AIM platform enhances the inflight data organizations receive day in and day out, while extracting business value from historical dark data to enable lines of business to transform their organization and succeed in the marketplace.  

We help organizations to: 

  • Classify and extract pertinent data from both structured and unstructured data coming into the organization 
  • Automate and streamline existing business processes 
  • Provide transparent enterprise content management and compliance 
  • Reclassify and enrich the historical dark data enabling organizations to determine what’s relevant and valuable. Reduce redundant, obsolete or trivial data out of databases. 
  • Optimize a Cloud migration strategy, knowing that only important information is being migrated PII has been excluded. 

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Formed in 2013, Kodak Alaris is an independent, global technology company on a mission to unlock the power of images and information for businesses and consumers.


  • We want to unlock the potential of our employees, inspiring them to find better ways to work, innovate and collaborate.
  • We want to unlock the potential of the businesses we serve, helping them harness the flood of data and information - the hallmark of the 21st century - and turn it into a competitive advantage.
  • We want to unlock the creative potential of consumers, offering them the digital tools that can turn an ordinary photo into a story worth retelling time and again. We want to unlock the potential of our partners because helping them to succeed helps us to succeed, too.
  • And finally we want to unlock the potential of the communities we live and work in, switching on the ambitions and talents of new generations to come.

Unlocking potential is about believing in people. Saying yes to challenges and always trying to find a better way. It’s about a creative and can do spirit that is glass half full for the future. It’s about seeing the potential in every person, every situation, every opportunity. And the more potential we can unlock, the more power we can create.

AI Foundry Leadership

Stephen Butler, General Manager

Stephen Butler, General Manager

As General Manager of AI Foundry, Steve's mission is to help customers accelerate their digital transformation and realize the benefits of automating their manual or error prone processes, including cost savings, high customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Steve’s vast executive experience and leadership at both private and public companies in the Boston area and Silicon Valley has proven to be instrumental as each company became leaders in their markets under his management. For the past 20 years Steve has been a CEO of companies ranging in size from startups to publically traded companies.

Steve’s professional experience spans numerous industries including high performance data analysis, enterprise software, system management, application development, and CAE and he has a strong sales background with track record of building growth through sales execution and product strategy. His background also includes substantial M&A and international experience along with fund raising success with angel investors, mid-tier funds and top-tier VCs.

Steve holds a B.S. with honors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.

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Alan Swahn, Vice President of Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing for AI Foundry, Alan’s role encompasses marketing, communication, product management, product marketing, and supplier contracts as he leads a team of experienced technology professionals.

As a seasoned executive, Alan has 20+ years of experience as a Vice President of Marketing and Business Development with four companies in four different high tech domains – including enterprise software, computer aided engineering, wireless communications, and semiconductors.

In each role, Alan has helped build substantial businesses through the development and management marketing strategies and plans, product roadmaps, creation of product positioning, as well as demand generation, and channel development.

Prior to AI Foundry, Alan was Vice President of Marketing at Terascala and Vice President of Product Management at Flexera Software. Alan also co-founded LightSpeed Semiconductor that defined an entirely new market category of semiconductors in the process.

Alan holds two U.S. Patents for Multi-Window Internet Search with Webpage Preload and Internet Zoom Browsing Functionality.  Alan has been successful at writing and publishing many articles in top tier industry and technology publications including CIO.com.

Alan holds a B.S. with high honors in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and an Associate in Electrical Engineering Technology with highest distinction from Penn State University.

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Alex Levi, Vice President of Sales, North America

In his role of Vice President of Sales for North America, Alex is driving strategy and execution across field sales, strategic alliances, inside sales, channel sales and technical pre-sales functions focused on accelerating market growth of customer experience optimization solution.

Alex is a proven sales leader with a strong track record of leading and scaling high-performing sales teams and delivering rapid growth with entrepreneurial and public technology companies.

Prior to AI Foundry, Alex served as a Vice President of Global Sales and Alliances at ManageSoft where he drove profitable 100% year over year growth resulting in acquisition by Flexera Software. During his ManageSoft/Flexera tenure Alex drove revenue from zero to 90MM with 42% contribution from strategic alliance and channel partners.

Alex also served as Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations at Segue Software, a NASDAQ listed company prior to its acquisition by Borland Software, were under his leadership revenue increased 300%. Earlier in his career Alex opened Asia Pacific region for Quickturn Design systems and drove revenue from zero to $30MM.

Alex received BSEE from Stevens Institute of Technology.

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Sid Probstein, CTO and VP of Professional Services

Sid Probstein, CTO and Vice President of Professional Services

Sid is a technology executive and hands-on product development leader with 20+ years’ experience delivering innovative Enterprise Content, Search, Big Data and Analytics software & solutions. Currently he is CTO & VP Delivery at AI Foundry. Previously, Sid co-founded Attivio, recognized leader in Enterprise Search and Big Data Text Analytics, where he authored one of the most important patents in search while leading development the company’s award-winning software platform, now used by many of the largest banks in the world. He also held executive positions at FAST Search & Transfer (acquired by Microsoft), Northern Light Technology (one of the first web-scale search engines) and Freemark Communications (the first free email company). He started his career at John Hancock, where the integrated sales illustration and client management system he designed and delivered was featured as a Microsoft Solution in Action case study. 

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Tamal Islam

Tamal M. Islam, Leader of EMEA Sales

As the leader of EMEA Sales, Tamal runs field operations for AI Foundry, helping companies in diverse geographies improve operational efficiency by augmenting and streamlining their internal processes with their own information and AI Foundry solutions. Tamal brings a consultative sales methodology to his customers, building trust by educating them on best practices and tailoring solutions according to their business needs. Having worked in multiple start-up companies and business units, as well as mature companies, he understands the drivers required for rapid growth.

Tamal spent the previous 15 years in the Customer Experience/Contact Center industry, 14 of them at Genesys. He led teams in bringing new products and services to market in EMEA, including the Genesys Business and Enterprise Edition Cloud solutions, and was a multiple award winner in Professional Services and Sales.

Tamal received a BSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MSEE from the University of Washington and spent a year on scholarship at the Arabic Language Institute of the American University in Cairo. He enjoys travelling, having visited over 50 countries so far on six continents, reading and martial arts.

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