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Our partners play an essential role in our mission to deliver integrated solutions and services that help companies transform and optimize their business. AI Foundry is constantly striving to establish partnerships with an ever growing network of partners around the globe.

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Actionable Intelligence Management‚Äč

Light up dark data!

Transform or be Transformed 

Transform Data to Intelligence

Transform Data to Intelligence

Manage Private and Personal Information

Manage PII, PCI and PHI

Our Agile Solutions will separate valuable operational data from redundant, outdated and trivial information.

Find out how to turn your data into actionable insights and deliver operational efficiencies & ROI. Where's the personal info hiding? Our AIM solution will find SSNs, CCNs, health data... to reduce risk and liability.
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"The task for CIOs is exciting and fundamental. It’s the difference between deploying the latest shiny mobile app and reconstructing the end-to-end business processes to become a digital business."

Digitization and the Effect on the BPM Lifecycle, Craig Le Clair, principal analyst, Forrester Research