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September 1, 2016
The Actionable Intelligence Lifecycle

The Actionable Intelligence Lifecycle is a process that scales beyond a single document or ECM system, to an enterprise-wide way to deal with a large variety of different repositories and systems that manage individual documents. By being able to apply the lifecycle to these varying systems, the enterprise has a common methodology to deal with their documents, and to ultimately migrate to a single system and process.

May 16, 2016
Streamline IT Audits With Savvy Information Management

It’s audit time—do you know where your data is? Prepare with distributed capture solutions and centralized workflows.

February 18, 2016
Insurance: improve claims management and overcome data silos

The amount of data that insurers manage keeps growing. Insurance companies increasingly embrace big data, the Internet of Things and new ways to leverage information and technologies as part of their efforts to transform and improve efficiency. And that means data, lots of it.

January 14, 2016
CeBIT 2016

Looking at industry predictions, interviews at the occasion of events last year and market feedback, 2016 promises to be a transformational year for information management.

While businesses are going through changes and mastering information value chains is the business priority, there are still several digitization challenges to tackle in a rapidly changing environment.

January 4, 2016
How disaster recovery is changing in the digital transformation era

The paper documents we’ve based our businesses on for hundreds of years have an inherent problem, they’re easily destroyed, be that from fire, flood or natural disaster. Paper documents are not robust – if a business suffers a fire then its documents and with it all of their valuable data are also destroyed. One of […]

December 3, 2015
The role of information in transformation: the strategic challenge

Digital transformation and digital business need digital and digitized information. If you can’t fully leverage the value of information and data to, for instance enhance customer experience, innovate or speed up processes, you can’t succeed. Information is at the core of the new digital ecosystem, IDC said earlier this year as mentioned in a blog […]

November 6, 2015
What is your business doing this year's Paper Free Day?

Today is World Paper Free Day and while we don’t expect anyone to go paper free in one day, it could be a great time to start looking at how you can make your business digital. So why paper free, surely there are areas that will always be easier to do using paper? While that […]

October 21, 2015
Why one cloud doesn't necessarily fit all when it comes to document scanning

We are living in an era that is dominated by Web-based applications in our consumer and, increasingly, our business lives. There’s an app for almost everything: from consumer apps to order a taxi to in-house business apps to file expenses. These apps continue to drive demand for cloud IT infrastructure, which has fundamentally changed the […]

September 10, 2015
Digital transformation: a matter of the right information

It is striking. When looking for an article on the role of information (management) in digital transformation, you’ll notice there is fairly little written about it. If you use information in the broadest sense, the most often mentioned link between digital transformation and ‘information’ is Big Data (analytics). Lists of disruptive technologies, digital transformation frameworks, […]

September 4, 2015
Why you need an end-to-end IT and information management business approach

It’s not a secret that the IT department and the CIO have been going through an increasing pressure to focus more on how technology can support the business better. Saying that IT didn’t do so before would be generalizing. However, it can’t be ignored that things have changed and that there are perception gaps as […]