Change is Hard - Does your Digital Transformation need a kick start?

March 24,  2017

Digital transformation is a goal for any corporate executive charged with helping to improve customer experience, streamline operations, or boost financial performance. It has been tossed around for over a decade and has gained a flock of passionate disciples, but unfortunately seems to be a never ending story in actual implementation.

“By the end of 2017, 67% of Global 2000 CEOs will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy,” according to IDC. “Digital Transformation Will Shape 2016,” IDC, November 2015  

According to AIIM, managing and recording what the organization knows, what documents have been ingested, what decisions and commitments have been made, and what results are achieved, is essential for improvement and success.2 Failure to manage this information and make it available for sharing, feeding processes, search, audit and archive will limit operational capabilities, stunt new initiatives and expose businesses to potential liabilities. 

To attain a faster and greater digital transformation ROI, organizations must put more emphasis on tools and processes that actually generate actionable intelligence—data-driven insights enabling informed decisions that result in better business outcomes. The challenge is how to turn this flood of data into useful information that empowers digital transformation, not drown in it. 

Essential to digital transformation is the ability to continually derive actionable intelligence from documents across the enterprise, the implementation of workflows to process document influx and automated approaches to conduct business with customers. This requires a combination of sophisticated solutions, business process acumen and real-world experience. Delivering that combination of capabilities, we believe is best achieved by collaborating with a competent technology partner like AI Foundry. 

Over the next few weeks we will explore the biggest hurdles affecting digital transformation success and the solutions AI Foundry proposes to tackle some of the biggest blockers to digital transformation, the transition to going paperless, using inbound mobile capture and associated impacts to your operational processes. The blog posts will also take a closer look at challenges and recommendations for making headway in your digital transformation journey including: 

  • Extending digital transformation to include mobile capture
  • The role information governance plays in driving the overall IM strategy across the Organization
  • End of the lifecycle and defensible disposition practices

As a precursor we would like to share the latest AIIM Industry Watch Report below.

AIIM Industry Watch: The State of Information Management AIIM Industry Watch: 2017 State of Information Management 
Are Businesses Digitally Transforming or Stuck in Neutral?
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