5 Lesser Known Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

December 15, 2016 by Pete Johnson, Director of Product Management

It’s no surprise that many businesses are moving key data and processes to the Cloud. The benefits they receive for doing that have been well documented: lower cost, higher availability, scalability, etc. But there are some additional benefits that are not so obvious.

Firstly, disaster recovery is not thought about as a key benefit but increasingly this is something that

Moving your data to the cloud!


needs to be considered, especially for companies that have a regulatory requirement to do so. Building such a system can easily double the size and cost of a data center. But most Cloud offerings include disaster recovery as a key offering. They can do this less expensively because of the scalability that they have built into their systems. And many of these systems also have the ability to perform archiving to an off-premise location.

A second hidden benefit is in geographical expansion. As companies increase the size of their organizations or acquire companies in other parts of the country or world, they need to scale their data centers accordingly. All the major Cloud providers already have regional locations, allowing for such quick and seamless geographical expansion. You can have a data set or process replicated in days or even hours.

Another benefit is that for your IT teams, being able to use and build in the most modern environments, Cloud development is on the of the hottest trends in the software development arena and is a sought-after aspect of their jobs. For a software development company, you already are reaping the benefit of having distributed teams accessing common resources and development tools. But just having that development environment allows you to attract and retain the best software developers. 

A fourth hidden benefit is in the amount of time and effort spent in managing and updating the underlying compute resources. Applying software patches, updating anti-virus software, routing database backup, and other periodic maintenance items all take an enormous amount of your IT staff’s time. Much of this goes away when as you migrate services to the Cloud and those IT resources can be deployed to more important functions such as improving core processes.

And finally, Cloud computing is more environmentally friendly than creating a local data center since you consume only the resources that you need at the time. Many Cloud vendors are building modern, environmentally-conscious facilities. Since Cloud vendors have many customers, they can more accurately forecast their resources and scale them accordingly. These use the latest computing resources that are significantly more power friendly than even a few years ago. And many of the facilities use renewable sources of energy to power them. 

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