7 New Enhancements to Streamline Your Mortgage Process

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7 New Enhancements to Streamline Your Mortgage Process

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Grounding your organization’s digital transformation in people, processes, and technology is critical. Just digitizing existing manual processes won’t work; companies must rethink and reimagine all processes. Mapping out the touchpoints, workflows and capabilities required to deliver a consumer driven mortgage experience is part of the next generation operating model. In the webinar, learn how our powerful Agile Solutions, utilizing the latest in AI and machine learning can proactively drive human activity to create a frictionless set of processes and products while improving performance from POS to LOS.

This Product Spotlight showcases the Agile Mortgages Solution with Actionable Intelligence Management.  Learn about 7 new enhancements to our Agile Mortgages solution that can help reduce loan processing costs by as much as 50%.

Agile Mortgages with Actionable Intelligence


This 30-minute session will share 7 new enhancements to our Agile Mortgages solution including: 

  1. Loan Data: Search no more! Key data fields are extracted from borrower documents and can be quickly and easily viewed from anywhere in the portal. 
  2. Side-by-side Comparison Viewer: Significantly reduce time spent on "stare and compare", the viewer makes it easy to compare data in two documents at once. With over 300 documents and over 1400 fields our loan library reduces implementation time and saves money while offering superior accuracy on classification and extraction. 
  3. Overall Loan Status: A quick, holistic view of a particular loan's status is available for loan processors with three key tabs.
  4. Checklist: If equipped with our QC audit module the intelligent checklist validates a loan against hundreds of audit rules. Any rule violations are flagged and the mortgage loan officer is alerted to resolve the issue. 
  5. Document History: See the loan's history in one view. Designed for audit purposes and version control the document history gives complete details on the loan as it has been processed. 
  6. Collaboration for loan processing: Allows for internal staff to ask questions and collaborate on the loan as it is processed with just a few, simple clicks.
  7. Document Library: Agile Mortgages offers so much more including reporting and dashboard capabilities, and even integrates with your existing LOS.