Collaboration in, disruption out at Finovate according to American Banker

September 14, 2017

American Banker, Penny Crossman

American Banker

The first Finovate show in 2007 teemed with 20-somethings in T-shirts and jeans who were eager to take on the establishment.

Many of the startups’ pitches began with some version of “banks are terrible at ... ” and ended with how the presenters were going to revolutionize finance.

This week at Finovate Fall, the attire and mood at the show, which gives financial technology companies seven minutes each to do a live demo of their wares, were entirely different.

The crowd looked older (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and more corporate, with men in suits and women in modest dresses or skirts, silk blouses and jackets. The few presenters who wore company T-shirts mostly covered them with black blazers.

In part, this reflects this fall’s fashions — conferencegoers were in sync with the New Yorkers on the sidewalks outside the event. But it also reflects how the fintech market has changed in 10 years.

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