"The task for CIOs is exciting and fundamental. It’s the difference between deploying the latest shiny mobile app and reconstructing the end-to-end business processes to become a digital business."

Digitization and the Effect on the BPM Lifecycle, Craig Le Clair, principal analyst, Forrester Research

Business Process Management

Understanding and Streamlining Your Business Processes

AI Foundry has the expertise to support a wide variety of BPM environments. Click to learn more about the AIM LifecycleMany of our customers have relatively simple workflow automation needs that require minimal assessment. Others have more complex workflows, involving multiple organizations, systems, control processes or document sources. We have found that even mid-sized organizations face relatively complex questions when determining how to drive efficiency in their repetitive work processes.

AI Foundry offers a BPM Assessment aimed at helping organizations of all sizes and types identify which workflows best lend themselves to automation, how to accomplish this at minimal cost and what key factors should be considered in an implementation plan. The BPM Assessment does not include implementation services; indeed, customers are welcome to contract with any firm that they choose to carry out the recommended changes.

    Key aspects of the BPM Assessment (generally performed on-site), include:

    • A comprehensive “present state” review of the customer’s relevant operations, as they relate to the workflows in question
    • Documentation of the present and ideal end-to-end process of the workflows, including key organizations, systems, processes, interfaces and data source requirements that are involved
    • Identification of key problems, bottlenecks, inefficiencies or cost-drivers in the present processes and how they may be modified with a workflow solution.
    • Review of the present resource utilization and how it will be impacted by changes in workflow processes (people, system or network use, etc.)
    • Cost issues affecting the customer; cost or capital constraints in workflow automation
    • System-related issues affecting both present and future workflows, including integration and optimization of present and/or planned ECM, ERP, CRM, data storage, and security system

    The BPM Assessment will result in a report containing our findings and recommendations, including:

    • Highly achievable, identified opportunities to automate workflows
    • Key activities that will need to be performed to accomplish the recommended workflow automation and any dependencies
    • Forecasted cost savings, and business and/or operational benefits that may be achieved from implementing the recommended courses of action, with as much quantifiable data as possible

    The BPM Assessment will identify process inefficiencies and propose specific measures that can be taken to stream-line existing processes. Download the overview to learn more about AI Foundry's BPM Assessment.

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