"The true potential of the Cloud lies in an organization’s ability to leverage this agile delivery model to transform the business."

2014 KPMG Cloud Survey Report, Rick Wright, Principal and Global Cloud Enablement Leader

Cloud/Data Migration Readiness

Migration of ECM to a Cloud Environment

Many businesses are considering the Cloud for document storage and contentActionable Intelligence Lifecycle management but might not fully understand what is involved. AI Foundry offers a Cloud Migration Consulting Assessment that will aid organizations in determining both the costs and benefits of an ECM Cloud migration and help guide the essential implementation processes.  

AI Foundry’s consulting assessment will bring a best practices perspective, identifying key issues, implementation objectives, dependencies, and benefits involved in transitioning an existing ECM to the Cloud. This project can be helpful for enterprises that have no ECM framework at all and are looking for an ECM application in a Cloud setting.

When an enterprise is contemplating a Cloud ECM migration, it must fully understand all of the following:

  • How will the organization create, enforce, and administer document access, editing, retention, and destruction policies?
  • How smooth will its access be to crucial data, when Cloud ECM is used? 
  • How can Cloud ECM help corporate compliance initiatives and support defensible deletion?  
  • How can organizations ensure that Cloud ECM is extremely easy to use, and ensure a high rate of user adoption?

These are just a few examples of the kinds of issues that will be addressed by AI Foundry in its Best Practices Cloud Migration Service. The consulting engagement will, of course, be tailored to the customer's specific needs and objectives.

Understand the type and amount of data within your organization to facilitate a smooth migration. Download the overview to learn more about AI Foundry's Data Migration Readiness Assessment.

Download Data Migration Readiness Assessment Overview

Learn how this service-oriented approach eliminates the upfront time and cost associated with installing, configuring and training your technical teams. Contact us for details. 


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