"Organizations of all sizes say, ‘Our processes are broken, we are buried in information and it's killing our ability to satisfy our customer.’"

Content Management 2020: Thinking Beyond ECM, AIIM, 2015

Enterprise Content Intelligence

Getting a Handle on an Organization's Data 

The reality is that organizations have a lot of data stored in a variety of servers, Click to learn more about the Actionable Intelligence LifecycleECM systems, file shares and even employees laptops. In contracts, presentations, legal documents, sales material, technical documentation, the list goes on and on. Most companies do not have a true understanding of what data they have and where it is located. Industry experts call this “Dark Data” and say that 90% of a companies’ entire data is dark.

A typical Microsoft Word document contains a title and last modified date but there is no indication how important the document is to the organization. Many questions remain unanswered: What department, customer or partner does this pertain to? Was this the final version? Are there other copies or versions of this document somewhere else? And this is just one of many millions of documents that take up space on organizations servers and organizations do not have the resources to open and take action on each individual document.

AI Foundry can help organizations understand the extent of the problem, and what is the best way to solve it. Our Enterprise Content Intelligence assessment will look at a subset of data and uncover a lot of meaningful statistics about it. We will provide a report containing: 

  • Average age of Various Types of Documents
  • The Number and Percentage of Different Types of Documents (Microsoft Office, PDF, Images, Zip, etc.)
  • How Much Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is Contained in the Data Set
  • The Number of Duplicate or Near Duplicate Files in Existance
  • How Many Files Contain a Certain Phrase Based Upon Specific Search Criteria

Armed with these results, organization will be able to make intelligent decisions on what to do with the data. It can be left just as it is, or more likely, take action to leverage the data: 

  • Move Important Documents to a Better Organized Structure
  • Delete old or Sensitive Documents That are no Longer Needed
  • Migrate Certain Document Types to a Cloud ECM System to Allow Increased Employee Productivity at a Lower Cost
  • Secure Documents That Need Restricted Access

AI Foundry uses sophisticated tools to perform this analysis and provides the results to ultimately empower organizations to use the same technology to manage and gain better control of the entire enterprise. 

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