"The #1 problem is the multiplicity of platforms used to retain/archive data and this complexity is compounded by a lack of understanding of the technology and limited resources."

2015 Electronic Communications Compliance Survey Report, Smarsh, 2015

Capture to Storage

Step 1 in Digital Transformation

As part of the digital transformation movement, removing paper and digitizing Actionable Intelligence Lifecycleall documents is essential. There are times when just archiving electronic documents is sufficient. This concept is the first step in the DX movement and the perfect solution is called “capture to storage.” When paper arrives in an organization (likely the mailroom) high speed scanners  take the paper and digitize it, add relevant metadata to capture the important details of the document and electronically move it to electronic storage.

Indexing is an Important Step in the Process

As part of the process, organizations need to include indexing of the documents. The type and amount of indexing can vary by the technology used. The most common method is through optical character recognition (OCR) which is a common technique of digitizing printed documents so that they can be edited, searched displayed and stored electronically. 

Solutions from Kodak Alaris can help organizations not only remove paper from the process but also archive the digital assets in a database. The Info Input Solution from Kodak Alaris enables faster capture and access to information — at the office or remote.

This web-based and mobile capture application is easy for workers across departments and enterprises to implement and use. With high-speed scanning, real-time image display, indexing and bar code detection, the customizable interface is simple and extremely easy to use. Documents are automatically routed to the right place to reduce mistakes.

Mobile employees can now utilize smartphones/tablets to capture documents; what a nice way to improve an existing ECM infrastructure.


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