"Business process pros must combine digital transformation efforts with customer-centric process management approaches that provide the greatest flexibility to continuously improve CX."

The BPM Playbook Is Your Guide To Customer-Centric Process Change, Forrester, April 15, 2016

Smart Solutions Overview

A Smarter Way to Work

One of the characteristics of digital transformation is that all enterprises Click to learn more about the AIM Lifecyclenow need to be in the data business. Data has been and continues to be stored in data stores, file shares, document servers and has grown exponentially over time. In fact, IBM estimates that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day and that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. The issue is that the data is not classified in any systematic way.

Meanwhile, enterprises have gone from mass marketing to "target markets" or "segments" based upon specific demographics to individuals. This change results in an overwhelming amount of data stored for each individual customer. Gone are the days of predicting customer behavior and generating marketing campaigns based upon a group of individuals. Now organizations are collecting, tracking and predicting customer behavior on every click, online purchase or post.

The result: An explosion of information that cannot be stored in the same fashion anymore. We now have to construct our information universe where everyone is unique, the data has meaning and “intelligence” and employees can access it easily.

AI Foundry's smart solutions enable organizations to start or continue their digital transformation initiatives with applications that help organizations in the following areas:  

  • Cloud Migrations: Move your documents and data from your current location to your new cloud, with minimal disruption, cost and time. Work with AI Foundry to create a migration strategy. 
  • Dark Data to Smart Data: Assess and operationalize documents across the enterprise to provide business insight.
  • Capture to Storage: Store and archive your files with zero-touch.
  • Searchable Knowledge: Provides full text and faceted search, and returns accurate results with relevancy and ranking.
  • Onboarding: With document capture and workflow best practice capabilities, companies can quickly and easily onboard new customers or employees.

Faster Time to Value

We serve both mid-market and large enterprise customers, leveraging our industry-leading AIM platform to automate a wide variety of workflows and case management scenarios. Users may design, edit, and control their business processes with the utmost ease, whether they’re working from their corporate office or a mobile client. Our solution incorporates a robust series of controls in every aspect of its design, using roles-based profiles to enforce security and policies for reviews, approvals and signature authority amounts, for example, throughout the workflow. AI Foundry can help you streamline your processes to not only save time and money, ensure document policy compliance (retention, access, security, PII), but also increase your customer's satisfaction.